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Ballistic curve wont re-create

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  • Ballistic curve wont re-create

    The first time I create a ballistic curve on the center of mass the curve creates just fine, but if I delete the curve make some adjustments and then go to add the curve again it just creates a straight line, no arc. The only way to create the curve correctly again is to go back a few versions and create it as if it were never created before. Am I missing a step or is this a bug?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	balistics curve.png
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    Sorry for the late reply!

    The problem is with the timing, try to select more frames.

    I made a post at the tips section to explain the logic:

    Tell me if there are still any problems!


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      Hi, thanks for the reply....

      I did see your new post about the ballistic curve and It is nice to see some other options to play around with for the curve that were not on the tutorial. (I realize you are the experts here) But I am not sure its the timing issue....I say this only because the first time I make the curve in the file the ballistic curve shows up fine, perfect (same timeline same amount of frames), but if I lets say delete it and make changes to the animation then try again the curve remains linear. But if I go back to a later file make the animation changes and then make the ballistic curve (as if its the first time doing it ever in the file) it makes the curve (no time or frame change), so if I want to make any changes after making the curve I either 1. cannot ever remove the ballistic curve OR 2. have to always go back to a later iteration of the file before I ever made the ballistic curve. This makes me question if it would ever be possible to make two ballistic curves in one scene if the character floats through the air twice or three times. In my case at the moment the answer is no, it will only create straight lines.


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        Hmm, okay, I see, I did not mention explicitly that the distance by the Y-axis matters too, I'll update my post a bit later, but currently either the height of the jump changed or you found some bug in the software.

        Do you have a case where you load a file, create the ballistic and it is not created correctly?
        If yes - please send that file and tell which frame interval gives the wrong ballistic.

        If no, and it reproduces only after creating 2 ballistics in a row without save and load - can you please send the file with the incorrect ballistic?
        In this case I'll be surely able to at least look at the incorrect ballistic

        ideally a gif showing the problem would help too

        PS Creating as many ballistics as you want is surely possible:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	several-ballistics.gif
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          Hi, Cool, its nice to see how it is intended I am attaching a gif, but even zipped it is saying the broken Cascadeur file is to large to attach, is there another way to get you the broken file? Let me know if you need anything else, Also any indication of user error that may have caused it. Thanks for your help.

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            I'll ask to make the accepted file size for .casc scenes to be made larger, so it will be easier to upload them to the forum.
            Alternatively you can post on google drive or any other file sharing resource.

            Considering the straight line you get instead of the ballistic in the gif, I'd guess that the default gravity setting was changed:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	ballistic-gravity-effect.gif
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ID:	1053

            This setting (due to our animators multiple requests) is saved in the casc file, unlike most settings. That's why loading old files helped.

            Also, you can change the gravity of a concrete ballistic after creation in the property editor.