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Wray's Cascadeur Tricking Feedback Request

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  • Wray's Cascadeur Tricking Feedback Request

    i am requesting the detailed critiques of whoever the cascadeur trailer video/vector/shadowfight animator OG gods are on these following cascadeur animations, which i wasnt totally displeased with, but also wanted to be better:

    hook kick, touchdown raiz, boxcutter

    you guys have inspired me for so long, i must hear your knowledge and wisdom. very specific and especially cascadeur software specific stuff encouraged. i will be posting other threads with my work in other software
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    What wrayayrton said , plus excellent works, Thank You for your time & help, & all my best!


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      per the rules update:

      here it is with center of mass angular and fulcrums visible
      this is the .casc file


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        Hey there!

        Let's see what we've got here:

        First of all, we thank you for participating in our Closed Beta test.
        We are trying our best to improve Cascadeur workflow, and your feedback and creations are both essential for this.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	01.png
Views:	76
Size:	215.7 KB
ID:	893 We apologize for the quality of the images, but the video is 720p, and sadly still frames on YouTube are not sharp.

        So, let’s begin. First, it’s a little strange that the stunt starts with a half-move. It might be better to add an idle pose at the beginning.

        In the 2nd pose, the leg looks like it moves on its own, with the rest of the body contributing almost nothing to this movement. If you look at the reference image, the standing leg forms a straight line.
        And this is how it should be in our case, because throwing a leg in the air starts with throwing the center of mass.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	02.png
Views:	88
Size:	156.4 KB
ID:	895

        By analyzing a reference, we came up with the following suggestion:
        The leg should be straight, the spine should be more arched, all body parts should be clearly visible in the negative space

        Poses 3 and 4 are fine, but the timing lacks acceleration in rotating the dorsal spine to perform the stunt in the poses 5 and 6

        In pose 5, to make the stunt more physically accurate and more visually appealing, it might be better to straighten everything. Legs can be half-bended, but not the arm. The character has to be extraordinarily strong to make this stunt on a bended arm. Of course, he would bend his arm to push himself off (pose 6), but to a far lesser extent.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	03.png
Views:	92
Size:	122.6 KB
ID:	896
        (frame 5+ is a frame from the interpolation near the 5th pose)

        Poses 6 to 11, we think, turned out to be exceptionally good. There is always a room for improvement, but for now they are fine as they are.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	04.png
Views:	76
Size:	121.8 KB
ID:	897

        Landing - poses 11, 12 and 13
        In this case, the character should transfer his rotation to the second leg first (pose 12) and then stop it with the entire body (pose 13). In this very complicated and subtle moment, using our Angular Momentum and Angular Momentum Ghost tools would help. Starting with the frame 11, you should make sure the length of the arrow is decreasing at a steady pace, but not at the expense of aesthetically pleasing poses
        You also need to decide what character’s hands are supposed to do. In the poses 11 to 13 they behave very strange, as if the character doesn’t know what to do with them.

        But overall, your animation is very cool, and, as we can see, applying physics tools yields some great results. Good luck!

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          WOW thank you guys SO MUCH!!!!!!
          i will be posting more threads to get your commentary on, and I will work on my hook/TD raiz anims, and my landings out of aerial sideways hook kicks!!!