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    Thanks so much for having me on the beta!

    I watched all 15 of the Cascadeur YouTube tutorials. They were really easy to follow and did a good job helping me learn the interface.

    The problem I'm running into is that I don't understand the intended animation workflow. I know where all the tools are and have a general idea what they do, but I don't understand how to go about making a finished animation from the beginning. I don't understand how to animate with it.

    One thing that would be immensely helpful for me would be an actual animation tutorial. Watching someone start with a t-posed rig go through the steps of making an animation from scratch with Cascadeur. As they go through the process we could see how and when to set interpolation types on keys versus setting them on key intervals, for example. We could see how to correctly set up groups in the timeline, at what point in the process to use the physics tools. The animator could explain how he manages and organizes the keys without using a traditional Graph Editor. That kind of thing. Watching an animator create and explain a simple animation that shows off how to use Cascadeurs main features would really help me get started with this.

    Basically I'd like to watch someone who knows how to use the program explain the intended workflow. Because so far after watching all the tutorials I was unable to figure out how to animate even a basic jump to any level of polish. I know based on your preview videos this software is capable of producing absolutely incredible animation and I'd really love to learn how those results were achieved.

    Thanks again!


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    Thank you for your feedback!
    In fact, we have already started working on it! We are going to make flip animation tutorial, from start to end. Coming soon!


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      Ah, that will be perfect! Thank you!


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        i have some hour+long streams of flip/trick animations. I'm not very good but it'll help you get the basics of it maybe


        • Andy
          Andy commented
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          Thanks! I'll check those out, too.

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        Hello wrayayrton, Andy

        Can you share those tutorials with me? I am just about to get started!

        Thanks a bunch, guys