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  • Welcome to the forum!


    Greetings to everyone!
    This is the Cascadeur forum!
    This is a place where you can share your works, report bugs, ask questions about the program and post requests for features. Or just discuss animation in general!

    We will share news here and post announcements.

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    Hello from Brazil guys! First time here, first time running the software... can't wait to get it started.

    Click image for larger version

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      When I saw the movements of the characters made with Cascadeur I was struck and amazed, a wonderful thing. I downloaded the beta software and uploaded a file and I think there are concept problems. Many of us have experience with interactive modeling software. I was not able to move the scene with the mouse to the right and left and to zoom. We need to "trace" the design techniques of the other software in order not to force users to new assimilations and to learn new functions. Cascadeur should "follow" existing design methods for popular software. Another thing: the future is "to create cinema films in 3D software". In many years, there will be less work for human actors. The film set will be made on computer and in 3D. In this sense, how do we make an animation of a character that for example sees him coming from far away and when he is near the camera the 3D character smiles at us? Is it possible to realize the movements of the face and its emotions with this software? Can we make cartoons to present at competitions where expressions are awarded? This is intended only as a constructive and incentive observation. I am aware that behind this software there is a lot of work ..... I hope that it will be rewarded by us and by the market. Quand j'ai vu les mouvements des personnages de Cascadeur, j'ai été frappé et émerveillé, une chose merveilleuse. J'ai téléchargé le logiciel bêta et chargé un fichier et je pense qu'il y a des problèmes de concept. Nous sommes nombreux à avoir une expérience des logiciels de modélisation interactive. Je ne pouvais pas déplacer la scène avec la souris à droite et à gauche et zoomer. Nous devons "retracer" les techniques de conception des autres logiciels afin de ne pas contraindre les utilisateurs à de nouvelles assimilations et à apprendre de nouvelles fonctions. Cascadeur devrait "suivre" les méthodes de conception existantes pour les logiciels populaires. Autre chose: l’avenir consiste à "créer des films de cinéma avec des logiciels 3D". Dans de nombreuses années, il y aura moins de travail pour les acteurs humains. Le tournage se fera sur ordinateur et en 3D. En ce sens, comment pouvons-nous animer un personnage qui le voit par exemple venir de loin et lorsqu'il se trouve près de la caméra, le personnage 3D nous sourit? Est-il possible de réaliser les mouvements du visage et ses émotions avec ce logiciel? Pouvons-nous faire des dessins à présenter lors de concours où les expressions sont récompensées? Ceci est uniquement conçu comme une observation constructive et incitative. Je suis conscient que derrière ce logiciel, il y a beaucoup de travail ..... J'espère qu'il sera récompensé par nous et par le marché.


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        I'm very excited to be testing your software. i'm able to load and move around ok after a couple of day and finally i'm getting some movement but still jerky but hey I got further today than day before...yesterday I was without power all day due to the cyclone bomb... but today was really my first day to experiment and I feel that I made some progress being there is NO hopefully i'll have something I feel worthy of posting soon. thanks again for the beta...hopefully I can help you.



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          Did you check these out



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            Just started using your software the first time tonight. Just after some hours I have a really nice animation of a "super-hero" jump and it looks amazing. I have almost zero experience with animation from previously and the software is just so intuitive and flexible. Thanks so much for the invitation and if there are any particular situations in the software that need the most testing (for bugs maybe?) then I'd love to help. If anything comes up I'll write in the appropriate section!


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              ijust watched videos, looks amazing, i didnt try yet but i am just hoping that, program will support daz-fuse also unreal engine so it will become very very usefull. and i wish it will be free for home users that who is creating something as hobby ))