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  • Zoetrope - Somersault

    Completed the tutorial and gave him something the jump over!
    Exported FBX - imported into Lightwave 3D 2019.

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    Excellent ! Looking great !


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      that looks realy smooth



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        Well done!


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          Thanks guys - will try something of my own now. I did depart slightly from the tutorial when I had problems matching the ballistic Curve end point to the fulcrum start.

          Departure from Tutorial
          When I got to the step in the tutorial where I copied the Ballistic Curve end point to the fulcrum start point.
          I found that the distance this moved was large in comparison with the Tutorial and it caused the Ballistic
          curve to increase the Number of animation frames, this would then move the ballistic end out of alignment with the fulcrum start frame.

          So Instead of copying the ballistic end point to the Fulcrum position, I selected whole character + all frames after fulcrum start
          and translated the character back so that the Fulcrum Start point matched the ballistic end point using the 'Interval Edit Mode'

          This kept the ballistic curve interval from changing.

          Here are a couple of Edits - I was trying to make the scene more exciting using different viewpoints.

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