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Cascadeur login window not displaying properly

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  • Cascadeur login window not displaying properly

    I've installed the newest version (2020.2b) of Cascadeur and only a part of the login window displays properly. I cannot login and use Cascadeur. I tried installing a previous version which worked before but I have the same problem with the older version now. I'm attaching a screenshot.

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    This is an interesting issue, and we would like to ask you for a favour:

    We are interested in whether it is possible to drag the window (for the invisible part), and how dragging the visible part will affect its appearance.
    Could you please try it?


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      Yes, the window is draggable by the invisible part. As for the appearence: nothing changes, dragging the window only changes it's position.


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        I figured out the login window problem but I found a new one. I'm often switching between resolutions. I switched to a lower resolution and the login window displayed properly. Then I can switch to higher resolution again. But whenever I'm working in higher resolution the popup windows are not displaying properly. For example: I made changes to my animation file, I'm closing Cascadeur and a popup window asking me if I want to save changes appears in the taskbar but not over the Cascadeur window. Whenever I switch to lower resolution I can see the popup window fine. I'm using a small program called HotKey Resolution Changer.
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          Super cool! Thank you for sending us this detailled description!
          Our technical team will now have a close look at it.
          As soon as I get a useful answer from them, I will let you know.


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            Am trying to log in to the site using the reset password, but am unable to login. Have checked the password which is being entered. I'm getting a wrong password message. Have reset my password at least twice. I'd be grateful if you could offer a solution to this problem.


            • Tom Borovskis
              Tom Borovskis commented
              Editing a comment
              I noticed that a colleague is already working on your inquiry which you sent us via email.
              We will answer you via email, too.
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