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Exporting From Cascadeur to Unity or Blender

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  • Exporting From Cascadeur to Unity or Blender


    Thank you for your wonderful software, I enjoy creating physics based creatures with Cascadeur a lot.

    I do have an issue when I try to export a creature to Unity (2020.3.5f1) or Blender (2.93). The mesh and the animation are not imported correctly. I tried different options, like exporting in FBX and DAE. Also tried the different Import and Export settings in Unity/Blender and Cascadeur, but didn't get the mesh and animation showing as it does in Cascadeur:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Insect.png
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Size:	400.8 KB
ID:	1774

    The creature was created and saved as FBX from Blender (2.93).

    Could you please help me to export creations to Unity and Blender? I attached the .casc file to this topic.

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    Thank you for that!
    It's a bug with our transforms calculation for the skinned mesh. If a mesh has non-zero transforms before the skinning process, such exporting and importing problems will happen.
    We are trying to fix it in the next release.
    For now, you can zero all of the mesh transforms before adding a skin modifier.


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      Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your response. Can you let me know what you mean by non-zero transforms? I tried applying all transform/rotations/scales and also setting the mesh's transform to 0, 0, 0 and same for the armature/rig, and after that I exported it to Cascadeur. From Cascadeur I exported the mesh back to FBX, but I still got a stretched-out mesh.

      Please let me know if I'm understanding the step to zero all of the mesh transforms correctly.


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        You can set it here:

        Attached Files


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          Ok, thank you very much. I will try these settings.


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