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Keyframe where there is no keyframe

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  • Keyframe where there is no keyframe

    If you have two keyfames, go to a keyframe inbetween the two keyframes, then move some part of the rig without making a key, the rig will seem to jump to that pose every time the frame is passed over, but only for that frame. It just jumps to that pose just for that one frame then jumps back to whatever it was for the very next frame. There is no key on that frame, but it's jumping. Seems like a glitch till you know you accidentally moved the rig on a frame that was not a keyframe.

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    First I wasnt sure what you mean, but it seems like you are describing the fixed interpolation feature.
    If so, the software is working as intended.
    You can find more helpful info in the interpolation section of our documentation:


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      This feature seems like a bug. If it's going to set a key in between the keyframes have it set a key. Don't have it just jump like that. It is setting a key somewhere, but we just can't access that key anywhere. Why would a keyframe you can't access even be something anyone would ever want?


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        I'll have asked our animators about it:
        There is a reason why we have this two separated things: the green frame in step interpolation and the keyframe itself.
        Our animators say that fixed iterpolation makes it easy to reinterpolate the desired frame interval.


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