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Models Do Not Load/Display Correctly

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  • Models Do Not Load/Display Correctly

    I have installed the 2021.1EA version onto my Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS machine and have tried to test it out by loading some of the example models. From what I can see, except for the most basic one of the cube, all the other sample files do not load or display properly - it looks like the mesh is messed up to me, but something else could be the problem. I have attached example pics of what the "Simple Model" looks like in the Joint Mode and Rigging Mode.
    The Mesh Mode looks empty and the other modes look OK, but I can't confirm this as I don't know for sure what they are supposed to look like. I hoped you can find a solution to this issue as I would really like to use your program.
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    Some of our team members have seen this problem on Ubuntu as well.
    Not often, but sometimes.
    But still we have no idea how to reproduce or fix it.

    Maybe you could send us your Cascadeur log file?
    (We are not sure if that's going to be helpful, but we will try our best to find the reason.)


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      Hi Tom, I've attached the Event Log that I found from Cascadeur's Help Menu. It all looks fine to me, without any sign of any problems. If this is not the log file you were referring to, please indicate where to find the one you want.
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        Thank you for the log!

        Now our team has located and eliminated the bug.
        We will release the fix with the next Cascadeur update.


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          I am having the same problem. I have a very simple stand-in FBX Idle animation. It loads fine in Unity. It loads fine in Blender. In Cascadeur the model is a jumble.

          I have attached the simple idle_A.fbx source file

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            Hi David,

            it's a bug on our side. (And it is also a problem of Maya.)
            The problem lies in the incorrect calculation of the scaling of the root transform object.

            A fix is in progress, but you already can avoid this by freezing the transforms on the root object.

            Click image for larger version

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