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Cascadeur doesn't match fbx output

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  • Cascadeur doesn't match fbx output

    I got this short animation where the feet are fixed to not move at all in cascadeur, but when it's exported there is a slight wobble in the feet. The feet should not move at all.
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    I am sorry, but I can't see any wobble in the scene.
    And my colleagues who took a second look, also can't recognize anything.
    Are you sure you have attached the right file?


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      When I import it to Unreal Engine I get the slight wobble on the feet. Tried messing around with the interpolation, frame stepping, compression error threshold, etc. all still gives the little wobble in the feet. I also imported it to Blender with Better FBX Import Export plugin and it gave this mess below. With the regular fbx importer in Blender it didn't import at all. Anyway, from what I could see is the foot bone in Blender it doesn't look like it is moving, but I can't be sure as it is such a mess. I then imported it to Cinema 4D and it did a much better job. The foot bone does seem to be stationary. It's only Unreal that has the problem.
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        The default fbx type exported by Cascadeur is binary.
        Blender can't handle this fbx type, so this setting should be turned on:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	35.7 KB ID:	2033
        As for the Unreal Engine problem, you should check your FPS settings (both in Cascadeur and Unreal Engine)
        If they are different, then interpolation frames could appear inbetween the keyframes (these interpolation frames could cause the described wobble effect).

        Does it help?
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