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import animation failing without clear explanation

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  • import animation failing without clear explanation

    I have a few animations from another program that aren't importing into cascadeur. they use the UE4 SK mannequin. and if I import them to maya, then export, and then import to cascadeur, they import just fine over the sample UE4 mannequin. this is a cumbersome step in my workflow, so I'd prefer to remove it. but cascadeur's event log doesn't give me any info to use for troubleshooting.
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    Can you please send us one of these files?
    We would like to try to import it ourselves and see what happens.


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        Here is an update on the status quo:
        Please excuse the long delay, but our developers are still examining the issue.
        We didn't find the reason for the bug yet, but we won't let loose, until we find it.


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          I appreciate the update, this is a big obstacle for me so I'd be very excited to hear it's fixed eventually.
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