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  • Auto Physics Tool Bug

    I have tried to create a simple cycle walk using Auto Physics tool. I have tried to use different models and had no luck. As soon as I move legs in different directions the Auto Physics tool run crazy making my model jump (which I didn't expect). I also noticed that you don't have any cycle animation on your Youtube chanel.
    I will attach a video and a scene file.
    I really like this program and hopefully I will continue using it after you fix this issue.
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    In your animation the character’s legs are not lifted - they just slide on the ground.
    Our AutoPhysics tool can't handle such animations.

    A simple workaround is explained in the last entry of our FAQ:

    Click image for larger version

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      I have change the animation to moving instead of running in place. But still not the same result as I expected. I have tried to change the parametre Gravitation (Scene settings -> Phisics). It looks like it works but I'm not sure how it will effect the whole animation in the future. Here is the video of it.
      Thank you for your help!


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        Look again carefully, Semyon.

        Your walking animation still does not have any fulcrum points (represented by green areas). The feet of your dinosaur are still not touching the ground. This means that Autophysic cannot work properly with your animation.

        In the following video my colleague Elena has discussed your problem in detail.

        I hope it is helpful for you.


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          I see now. I think I got it. Thank you so much for your respond Tom!


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            You are very welcome!
            Enjoy animating!


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