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How can I make Cascadeur more Maya user friendly?

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  • How can I make Cascadeur more Maya user friendly?

    I love the tools Cascadeur offers, but the interface is hard to get used to. I really don't like switching back between Maya and Cascadeur with different keysets. What are some ways I can make the interface of the two programs as close to each other as possible?

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    We understand your issue, and we plan to fix it by:
    1 ... adding a new chapter with tips to our documentation for those who use other 3d software, ("Cascadeur for Maya/Blender/XYZ users").
    2 ... considering to introduce different user profiles for e.g. self defined hotkey sets.

    But the second point has to be discussed internally first.
    Since our aim is to make using Cascadeur as convenient as possible for most users, I can't imagine that anyone in our team will argue against it.

    We will keep you up to date on this via our trello roadmap.


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      Fairly new here, but is it possible to use Python programming to customise some of the tools?


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        Python scripting support is planned for release later this year.

        Here is our roadmap:


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