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How can I use Cascadeur to clean up motion capture effectively?

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  • How can I use Cascadeur to clean up motion capture effectively?

    Hello Cascadeur forums,

    I am trying to clean up an animation which came through motion capture. I was able to import a character with the animation, and successfully rig the character using the quick rigging tool, however, the animation then gets lost. How would I go about preserving the animation after clicking on the "Create Prototypes Rig" button? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys.

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    Solved the problem. Here's how I did it:

    First, import only the model without the animation and rig it. Then, select all points of the rig, and go to file>import fbx/dae>import animation.

    This way, the animation will be transferred to the rig. However, there is a new problem now, the entire animation is visible on a single 'scene' channel in the timeline, so it is not possible to edit the interpolations of separate body parts, for example, put step interpolation only on the feet, etc...

    Is there any way to bake the movements to their respective body parts?


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      Ok, I think I got it...

      The tracks have to be created before importing the animation, and you also have to assign them with body parts manually. I will explain how:

      Look at the attached image,

      1. This is to create a folder in the timeline, I'm assuming It doesn't hold keyframes or something.
      2. This is to create a track, to which you can assign body parts. Just select the points (after rig is complete), then click on (5).
      3. This is to remove a track
      4. This is to merge tracks.

      Since I have not been using this software long, It is possible this was explained elsewhere and I simply missed it. However, I was reading the documentation at:
      and it is not mentioned there.

      It is a very convenient tool, that can help you edit separate body parts easily. So if someone from the dev team is reading this, please update the documentation with this.... Thanks.


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        Yes, you have to create these tracks before importing the animation.

        All infos are in the documentation already, but spread over several chapters.
        I agree that our documentation could be updated regarding typical animation workflow issues.
        We will discuss it in the team
        Last edited by Tom Borovskis; 05 March 2021, 16:26.


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          Thanks a lot for the reply, and the link. I've gotten a better understanding of how to achieve what I'm looking for.


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