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  • Rigify & Custom Rig

    Hi, I'm currently creating a rig which has been created in Blender with Rigify.
    Everything seems to work except that because Rigify doesn't use the same bone chain for "Torso to Head" and "Torso to Hands/Feet", the final Rig doesn't parent the arms/legs to the torso.

    Meaning that even though I can animate the whole rig, I don't benefit from the stretching propagation (moving the hand doesn't move the torso).

    I tried to parent the prototype elements but so far I couldn't find a way to create a "link" (shoulder - spine).

    Any way to solve this?

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    Parenting proto unions should do the trick.
    If not - you can send us the scene and we'll do it for you.


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      Thanks, I actually decided to not use Rigify (I mean the final generated one) and make my own: problem solved ^^


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