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How to Attach a Static Mesh to my Character's Hand?

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  • How to Attach a Static Mesh to my Character's Hand?

    Hey i was wondering how to add a Static mesh into the scene to bind it to my character's hand, something like a staff or a sword, i saw the other tutorial explaining with a a skeletal mesh, but is it possible to do the same with a static mesh?

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    The static mesh can be parented to a joint (via drag and drop in the outliner window).


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      Is there a way to make the bezier interpolation of swords/staffs stick more rigidly to the hand? This seems to be an issue even in the default example scenes and it is very noticeable when doing quick stabbing motions:


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        For that case you should use FK interpolation:


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          The picture posted is with fk interpolation turned on for the sword.

          It can be slightly more accurate but still not quite correct. Not the way parent constraints work in maya at least, which us a shame because otherwise animating smooth sword arcs in cascadeur is such a joy!


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            Sorry for the double post but I really feel I must be missing something.

            The sword is joined at both the joint and proto object level but slashes are just always completely off. Something about the interpolation just not being quite right. And yet a lot of animations done by the cascadeur team have perfectly smooth sword slashes and arcs:


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              The sword is parented to the forearm instead of the hand on this screenshot.
              So its clear that will not follow the hand rotations.
              (It will not follow the hand even in maya, using constraints for the forearm instead of the hand.)

              Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	144.6 KB ID:	1828


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                That is the sample scene with sabers provided. That joint is simply the elbow rotation joint viewed at a strange angle. The sword is parented to the hand.

                Here is my UE4 Mannequin sample:

                The sword is just way off despite being parented to the hand. And I'm not sure why its so off. The proto objects are also parented. I've uploaded the scene as an attachment as well. This is the main thing stopping me from using cascadeur in production. LunarKnightXSlash03.casc

                Any help is appreciated. As I see cascadeur should be able to handle smooth slashes like this.


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                  To be honest all you need to know is described in detail in our documentation.
                  You will see it, when you read it.

                  And here is a video from our team for you:


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