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Toe interpolation (FK)

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  • Toe interpolation (FK)

    A tip on how to fix bad toe behavior

    You can use FK interpolation for this, but sometimes you do not want to use FK on the whole leg, only the toe.
    In our default tracks set it will result in an error, but it is possible if we move the toes to a separate track.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	local_toe_interpolation.gif
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    PS: We do understand that this is not ideal, and this feature will improve in the future.

    PPS: for those interested what does the error "cycles in interpolation" mean:
    • to interpolate the direction controller needs global foot position
    • but to calculate global foot position from local data (FK) - you need the knee global data
    • but the knee global data is calculated from the direction controller
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