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How to import a mesh

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  • How to import a mesh

    You can import any custom mesh to the scene if the skeleton bones match. This way you can replace any current mesh.

    1. Open a character with the same skeleton in the Cascadeur.
    2. Switch to Mesh mode.
    3. Select the mesh and hide it by clicking on Invisible in the Objects properties menu.
    4. Switch to Joint mode
    5. Select the bones
    6. Click on File/Import/Add model to selected
    7. Choose FBX file with a new mesh

    There should be a new mesh on the scene now.
    If you import several meshes like this, you can easily switch between them by hiding the unneeded ones with the Invisible button.

    Here is the whole the process in one gif:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	meshimp.gif Views:	0 Size:	674.4 KB ID:	64
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