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Root motion question.

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  • Root motion question.

    Are there any example files for using cascadeur with animations that have root motion. Are there any changes to workflow from those shown in the tutorial files?

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    Tutorial with root motion animation will be very useful ! Who's got an sample?


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      Originally posted by Artem View Post
      Tutorial with root motion animation will be very useful ! Who's got an sample?
      No tutorial for this at the moment. But usually the root motion is done with just an additional bone. Because there aren't any special controllers for the root motion if you just export the animation the "root motion" bone will just keep its position at (0,0,0). You can animate it directly in Cascadeur, though.

      Eg you can copy the position of Center of Mass by X, Z coordinate and paste it on the root motion bone. This will give a good result for the position of the root motion bone. It's harder to do something automatic with the rotation though, but you can animate it by hands.

      In the future it would be easier to have a special controller for root motion inside Cascadeur, which would automatically keep track of the character position/rotation and animate the root motion bone. But to tell the truth - this is something that needs further investigation from our side, as in Shadow Fight we had our own system that did not use root motion.


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