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  • Recommended animation resources

    While most of us are stuck at home these days, let’s help each other to learn or improve animation skills.

    Our animation team decided to share a few useful resources for the “animateurs” who are just starting on their journey to becoming professionals.

    We know that there are many talented and skilled animators in our community, and we encourage you to also share in this thread any books, videos, articles or other resources that helped you advance your animation skills.

    Here’s our list to start with:

    1. "Animation survival kit" Richard Williams - a book that every animator should have. It teaches you the fundamentals of how animation works and shares tips, tricks and life lessons that will be useful for both paper and digital animation. This book will serve as a reference guide even to experienced animation professionals.

    2. "The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation" Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas - written by the two of Disney’s original animators, this book explains the development of modern Disney style and shares its creative process. An essential book for learning how to breathe life into your characters and make them convincing.

    3. Jean-Denis Haas - a channel of an associate animation supervisor at ILM, who makes great acting analysis videos for animators, as well as various animation workshops.

    4. Sir Wade Neistadt - a good variety of useful information for an aspiring animator. The author worked in DreamWorks and shares industry insights, as well as 3D animation advice.

    5. Keith Lango - a great collection of video lessons produced in the past by an animation filmmaker and teacher with more than 15 years of experience.

    5. Alessandro Camporota - good tutorials on fundamentals in 3D animation, such as walk and run cycles, posing and general animation workflow.

    6. The Art of Aaron Blaise - an inspiring channel by a former Disney animator that shares drawing techniques, as well as character design and animation advice.

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    Fantastic resources! Thank You !


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      Omg! This is really helpful - i`m a beginner animator and thanx god i`ve saw a post at the facebook yesterday, and now i`m here.
      I`ve got an amazon giftcard and now i guess i will order some books, mb you have more books to advice, please?


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        Wow, thank you for these marvelous materials - please add some more!


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