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Animating a character picking up and dropping props

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  • Animating a character picking up and dropping props

    Hi, can you animate a bone's parent or constraint or something like that? Basically, I want to animate a character picking up, dropping and shifting props between hands.

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    Here are instructions how to attach props:

    Please let me know if there are further questions.


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      Yeah I knew you could attach props, what I want is to be able to animate/keyframe attaching and detaching. So I want the prop to be attached to my right hand during part of the animation, then maybe let go of it so the prop freefalls and then have the character pick it up again with the left hand. In blender you can do this by animating constraints.


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        Thank you for the further details.
        We do not have animatable constraints yet in Cascadeur.

        The following setting may help to avoid selection when you double click on the hand point. Here you should set the characters other hand as an additional parent. Turn off both flags (enable parent & enable additional parent) when you want to drop the prop. Then turn on the "additional parent " flag, when you want to attach it to the other hand:
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          ooh nice thanks


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