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Auto Posing tool works on custom rig ??

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  • Auto Posing tool works on custom rig ??

    I'm import custom rig to cascadur and using the new auto rigging tool there are any possibility turn on Auto Posing tool? because when I tying use it I have an error Auto posing tool: no object with name: foot_MainPoint_l

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    Currently the autoposing function only works with Cascadeur's included humanoid standard models.
    Due to the fact that the AI posing automation is based on training a neural network with over 100.000s of humanoid poses (taken from our games), it is currently not possible to apply it directly to any custom characters.
    But it is still an alpha version of the tool, and our goal is to make autoposing applicable to custom humanoid characters.
    We can't tell you a date for it yet.


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      thank you, so I will be waiting for an update, cascadeur its wonderful program team doing a great job keep going!


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