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Can i recreate proto elements from baked rig or json file?

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  • Can i recreate proto elements from baked rig or json file?

    Hi from new user!

    So I'm testing Cascadeur and absolutely loving it.
    I have a question regarding rigging. I have a character which is very similiar to ue4 standard mannequin, but has only couple more bones (wings). So I don't want to rig it from very beginning, what I would like to do is to import standard rig from JSON file, convert it back to proto element and add some more elements for wings. Is such thing possible?

    If no then in my opinion it is a inconvenience. The ability to convert back rig -> proto elements would be great. Without it we need to store .casc file with not baked rig just in case, if we lost it then it's over and we need to recreate precious rig from scratch.


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    The proto rig is stored in the json file.
    It can be imported using this button:


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