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How to make usage of the angular momentum visualizer?

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  • How to make usage of the angular momentum visualizer?


    I think I did every tuto and watch all your videos now (very well done by the way) and I can't figure how we should make use of the angular momentum visualizer.
    Did I miss a tuto / video?
    My animations don't have a lot of ballistic sim (always at least one foot on the ground) so I can't use the ballistic solution.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The Angular Momentum visualizer can be enabled by checking the Angular Momentums option in the Visible menu.
    And you can reach the Visible menu by right-clicking the point controller in the upper left corner of the animation window.

    Here you will find more helpful info:


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      Hi, thanks for your reply.
      But how to use its information to improve the realism of the animation?
      Do you have any tips or can explain the workflow?


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        At the moment we just offer this video lesson about the angular momentum tool:

        We will add more tutorials later.


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          OK thanks again!

          I read on one of your article that Separation & Compensation are contributing a lot in realism.
          Since they seem more like principle or good practice than tools, do you have any advice on how one could animate while respecting these using all that Cascadeur can offer?
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