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  • Change arc of rotation

    So I'm trying to learn cascadeur but I could really use some tips. I'm trying to animate a slash but the rotation interpolation between the key poses I made don't seem correct at all (Specially the hips). In Maya I would fix this by using euler filters/curve editor:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	mGgmKIb97O.gif
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    Also I parented the sword joints to the hand, as well as the proto objects, but the sword doesn't stick very rigidly to the wrist at all it seems. Its constantly slipping out of the hand or not following its rotation 100%

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    Could you upload the scene file here?
    Our animators will take a look at it.


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      Thanks! It uses the UE4 Mannequin and I've uploaded it to this post as an attachment. LunarKnightXSlash02.casc


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        Thanks! We will give you feedback.


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          Hi BlankMauser,
          actually this seems to be a bug on our side.
          You can fix it by removing FK from the key frame, as shown in the attached video.

          We'll look into this bug.
          Thanks for the report!
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