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  • trouble with export

    Good day! I have a problem exporting animation from cascadeur to cinema 4d, when exporting fbx and collada the mesh flies off the bones.


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    Thank you. We will have a look.


    • Anton Lewz
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      Thank you! I really need your advice

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    Here is the answer from our dev team:

    "There are 2 probable reasons:
    1 - Mesh had non-zero transforms before adding a skin modifier.
    2 - If the user is dealing with motion clips in c4d, he should set the order of the children as it was in the original file. (We can also make a video for your that explains it.)
    We do not follow the original order when exporting, because we didn't know any 3d software which uses exactly the order. Until our users reported this for C4D motion clips. So, i guess, they (c4d devs) are the only ones on this planet who cares about this order. But! we are currently woking on a fix to make even them happy."

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      Thanks for the answer!

      I tried reordering the bones, but it didn't give any result

      As for the first option, I still did not understand how exactly the file should be submitted to the cascadeur and how to import it, and actually at what point should I have non-zero transforms.

      I froze the skeleton at zero positions before exporting to cascadeur


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        I would be very grateful if you could describe the procedure for how to import and export a model, which parameters should be in order for the skeleton to behave correctly and the mesh does not lose bones

        Now I have managed to achieve that the lower part of the mesh is connected to the skeleton, but the upper part of the body still does what it wants, but not what it needs.

        Click image for larger version

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