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Blender -> Cascadeur -> Blender Workflow questions.

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  • Blender -> Cascadeur -> Blender Workflow questions.


    How would be the workflow Blender -> Cascadeur -> Blender? Smooth? Any issue with joints/bones local axes rotation order...? Or Blender -> Cascadeur -> (fbx) -> UE4?

    I'm learning blender and I'm almost sure to make my humans and horses, creatures rigging in Blender. I already learned the basics and made a simple biped rig, tested with animation. It's nice.

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    Hi actionfigure

    We work mostly with Maya and .fbx, so the workflow with Blender hasn't been tested much, to be honest. Currently, there are some issues with import/export to Blender, according to our users and we plan to fix them asap, because we do plan to support working with Blender.


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      Thanks, Polina! Please keep us updated. I'm using maya currently but, as I said, almost certainly migrating to Blender for my creatures and characters.


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        Also, another question: does the bones have to be all with X axis (LRAs) along the bone for Cascadeur to work properly?


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