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Some questions (trying to get started)

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  • Some questions (trying to get started)

    Following the tutorials I have hit a number of snags out of the gate.

    1. Is there a way to turn off autokey?
    2. "visible" menu is missing so I can't figure out how to access the physics features shown in the tutorials.
    3. I can only get the rotate manipulator, can not switch to translate with w
    4. I do not understand the "padlock" on all the menu items, is this locked features or something?
    5. Auto track selection button seems to not work
    6. Trajectory visibility and editing - sometimes I can see them with the buttons and then something changes and I can't see them. Sometimes I have edit them with translation and sometimes I can't (even with the edit trajectory button pressed.
    7. Is there a way to translate the wrist of a character without a fixed rotation (every time I move the character's hand or manipulate the trajectory of the wrist it breaks the wrist rotation and I have to go re-key orientation. What I want is to have IK position and FK orientation for the wrist while I am editing it or adjusting its trajectory
    8. Is there such a thing as an additive layer/track?
    9. Is a track a new name for the layers in tutorials or is a track something different? (if so, I can't figure out how to turn on layers).
    10. is there a way to export the center of mass as a joint in order to use it in Unreal engine? (there is a lot of useful info that would communicate well with animation systems if you can get a position for it baked into the animation).

    If anyone can answer any of these it would be really helpful.

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    I will try to answer your questions.
    Please dont hestitate to ask more if something remains unclear.

    1. Cascadeur doesnt have an autokey tool, so you can't turn it off.

    2. The Visible menu moved to a new place in the latest Cascadeur version. (This section of the documentation will be updated soon. We're currently working on it.)
    You can find the Visible menu by right-clicking on the controller mode menu.

    3. Possible reasons for the hotkeys not working could be that you dont use a keyboard with English layout (foreign letters). Another possible explanation is a little bug that we are already trying to eliminate: If you switch this setting to "Rotate" - all hotkeys will stop working. We are working on a fix. Restarting the programm might help.

    But anyway - you still can use the mouse to select "Translate":

    4. These are not locked features. The icon is just designed this way - and you can ignore it.
    But if you mean the very small lock symbol on the right corner of some menus, it means: "do not collapse this menu"

    5. Do you mean the "T" hotkey? If so, this issue probably has the same reason like issue no.3. ("rotate" setting)

    6. It's hard to say what's wrong with visibility, but maybe you forgot about this button:

    + maybe you can make a video when he you are not able to move trajectory points with edit mode torned on? So we could recognize and understand the issue a bit better.

    7. Our technical team advices you to take a look at our documentation, and especially the chapter "Apply manipulators to groups of controllers".
    Here is the link:

    8. Not yet, but its on our to-do list, and we are up to have it in a future version. The date is still on "TBA" though.

    9. Here is a detailled description of tracks in Cascadeur:

    10. Its not possible now, but we will add this feature in future versions.


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