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Video tutorial Idea ? Maybe ?

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  • Video tutorial Idea ? Maybe ?

    Hello Cascadeur team, I just have a tutorial idea for the next video.

    first I just want to say this software is awesome in every way.

    how about a video that teaches people how to make human animations on the ground, such as kicking, boxing, or running, but realistic ? I mean there are only tools for mid air but no tools for ground (There used to be fulcrum points and forces, but when are those coming back ?)

    am working on a little 3d realistic animated movie that's about 3 minutes, and I cant afford motion capture, so Cascadeur really is my only option.

    again, please make a tutorial on making humanoid ground animations look good and realistic.

    Also, Merry Christmas!


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    Good news for you:
    Yes, we plan to produce new tutorial videos with a stronger emphasis on ground animation.
    But - as usual - we can't tell you a certain date for it.
    It's on our to-do list (FIFO).


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      You can look into Mixamo for a hybrid workflow.


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      Cascadeur is a standalone software for creating physically correct keyframe animations for characters, humanoid and otherwise. Make realistic animations from scratch or improve your mocap, while retaining full control over the results.
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