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Will Grease Pencil be a possibility for Cascadeur?

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  • Will Grease Pencil be a possibility for Cascadeur?

    I've been using Grease Pencil for Blender and Maya recently, and I was wondering if it would be difficult to implement a similar tool into Cascadeur.

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    We do plan it, but probably not this year

    Btw: may I ask for which purposes you would need it?
    (what is called "Grease Pencil" has a lot of functionality in the last Blender version and allows creating 2D animation; and 2D animation is certainly not in our plans for Cascadeur. )


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      I don't do 2D animation, so I typically use it for arcs and time drawings so that I can measure my animation distances. It makes visualization much easier, and let's me analyze my progress for improvement. I essentially use it like I use syncsketch highlighters, because it let's me instantly see what I'm missing without squinting.
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        Thank you for the info!
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