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Houdini <> Cascadeur Round Trip Workflow

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  • Houdini <> Cascadeur Round Trip Workflow


    I've just purchased the Yearly Pro License today.
    I'm currently testing the Houdini <> Cascadeur Round Trip Workflow, the character asset will be created in ZBrush and Houdini, and everything will be eventually simulated, lit and rendered in Houdini.

    Here's a quick test below, I have exported testgeometry_tommy from Houdini, and imported the character into the Simple_model Cascaduer example scene.
    As you can see the testgeometry_tommy is 100 times samller compared to the Simple_model, and I understand it's because Houdini is using 1 Unit = 1 Meter and Cascadeur is using 1 Unit = 1 Centimeter.

    I've looked everywhere in the documentation but can't seem to find where I can set the scene scale to aligned with Houdini, so everything can be working physically correct in the same scale.

    Any help would be appreciated!
    Also would be great to see more features that support Houdini users in the future builds.


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    This looks like a problem similar to the one we have with Blender:

    The solution would probably be to set correct exporting settings in Houdini (such as scale and measurement units).
    Unfortunately, I have no experience with Houdini and thus I can't really say what exactly these settings should be.


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