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How many triangles can Cascadeur handle?

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  • How many triangles can Cascadeur handle?

    How many triangles can Cascadeur handle for character meshes? Could it handle, say, a 30,000 triangle mesh without slowing down? Thanks.

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    30.000 triangles meshes are not a problem at all for Cascadeur.
    You shouldn't notice any slow down, as 30.000 is not an extraordinairy high number for a character.


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      Awesome. Right now I'm making all my characters in Blender, and 30,000 with the rigify rig, while not terribly slow, isn't as fast as I would like either. I heard you're making a python API? Would there be support for writing rig importers/exporters? That would be nice.


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        Probably, yes. The whole rig creation pipeline we have will be brought to python and it will be possible to edit it.


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