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Qukick Rigging Tool difficulty

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  • Qukick Rigging Tool difficulty

    I am trying to use the quick rigging tool but Im not able to create prototype rig.
    I have a logged error I cant past by.

    angleBetween2Vectors(): vector norm1 * norm2 = 0

    Any help

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    Can you please send us a file with the unrigged model? Our experts will have a look at it.


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      Sure, attached is the fbx model.
      Attached Files


      • Tom Borovskis
        Tom Borovskis commented
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        Thanks! We will check this out.

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      The problem here is that the parents of these arm joint are in the same place as their children (the arm joints themselves).
      Because of this, when the Quick Rigging Tool tries to set additional points for the corresponding Rigid Bodies orthogonally to the Main and Direction points (as it always does), it can't do this, because the vector from the parent to the joint is zero.

      We'll fix this problem in the future.
      But for now you can try to follow steps shown in the attached video.
      Last edited by Tom Borovskis; 19 August 2021, 15:26.


      • kwesikwaa
        kwesikwaa commented
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        Alright, looking at it right away. Thank you very much
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