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features that would be great to see in Cascadeur

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  • features that would be great to see in Cascadeur

    I would like to start by saying that I haven't used cascadeur long enough to know whether this is a feature in the works or already implemented but what would be cool is if they added physics actors like guns which you could change the recoil force and the rate of fire to accurately animate for weapons, it would also be interesting to have a physic actor for reacting to objects colliding with them like bullets,baseball bats or maybe even a car, these are just features which I think would add so much to the program. thanks for reading

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    Thanks for the ideas! I've passed it on to our development team to consider


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      Loving the program so far honestly and look forward to seeing how the set milestones workout. Another feature I'd like to see in the future though (that's not on the roadmap) is the ability to apply transforms to controllers so they're all zeroed. it's really useful to have transforms at 0 for getting back to rest pose if you need to.
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        You guys should really consider adopting the USD file format in your product:
        • USD can contain not only animation data, but an entire renderable scene. Cascaduer users can export animation data and consume that USD file directly into their pipeline, adding textures and lighting, using a single file for storage.
        • USD supports Variants: This has great synergy with Cascaduer AI inferred animation capability. Cascaduer can then expose Primary and Variation(s) animation cycles.
          • Variants allow you to store an 'alternate data set' inside the USD file, which for Cascaduer, would be an alternate set of animation data for the last 48 frames. These Variants can be exposed in the Cascaduer user interface, where I can switch between them in realtime.
          • For example, the Primary animation is 240 frames of a Character moving from PointA to Point B, but the Director wants to vary how the animation ends for the last 48 frames. So could do a falling over ending, sliding under ending, and leaping ending as Variants, all stored within a single USD file
        • USD supports Skeletons, Skinning and Joints (UsdSkel)

        I think the USD format has great synergy with your product and would increase its benefits in a pipeline.


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          A small thing that'd also be useful: to be able to play a sound file or video file for reference.
          Often I have to animate to a pre-baked sound.

          Going a bit mental (i know i know) but jack transport would also help (me (at least)).


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