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First complete test with Cascadeur - my impressions

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  • First complete test with Cascadeur - my impressions


    I'm finally reaching the point in my schedule where I'll begin animating for my game project, in the next weeks. So I tested Cascadeur for my general workflow in maya. The test is kinda rough - I'm busy here doing other dev stuff.
    (See the gif attached).
    I'm having a blast so far. And didn't even used filters yet in this test.

    Some things I'm liking about it:

    - Incredibly quick to generate a video preview/playblast. Unmatched.
    - Also the viewport playback performance is awesome. Mostly realtime.
    - The ability to quickly change the temporary pivot of a selection of controllers, with right-click. Great for foot movement, arm + weapon etc.
    - The timeline. Things like + and - to add or remove frames. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste keyframes. Quick icons and shortcuts to change interpolation type...
    - Trajectories. Being able to quickly edit them, the arches in the viewport.
    - Quickly toggling local/global coordinates pressing a key. I mapped mine to '. Awesome feature.
    - Quickly toggling between point controllers and box controllers. Mapped mine to \.
    - Dark theme. Using it. Nice.

    What I miss the most:

    1 - A graph editor. Very important, at least in my workflow, to quickly fix jarring/abrupt changes in rotation and location when you have keyframes close to one another. In the curves you can easily spot these problematic areas, and fix them.
    2 - A tool to be able to animate blendshapes. Essential for facial animation and corrective pose-based blendshapes. Specially cool if you have a nice UI you can setup for this (like on-viewport sliders etc). This is important to be able to animate dialogue and sync facial expressions to action, at the end of the workflow. I tried exporting a fbx from Cascadeur to Maya to test a pipeline where I would do the facial anim there, but if you choose not to bake the fbx animation curves, it comes in maya without the linear parts, everything in bezier, it seems.
    4 - I didn't check why yet, but the sabers sometimes seem to ignore their child relationship/constraint with the hand, rotating a bit different, floating. Maybe a very sitcky constraint for a prop would be nice.
    5 - A more friendly Outliner (better indentation and space between lines).

    The 1 and 2 above are essential for me to have a smooth workflow.

    What would be nice to have (some I know are already in the roadmap)

    -Some options in the Export video preview, like how to get rid of the point controller in the preview. Also couldn't export the nice camera movement you have when you track an object). Also an option to add some simple text description, for burn ins, keeping track of versions etc.
    - An option to turn on floor contacts. Automatic constraint preventing feet from going under the floor level. Maybe also an option to use a plane/grid with arbitrary rotation that does the same.

    As I have more feedback I'll post here.
    Sorry for the overwhelming list. But this is right because I'm liking the software.
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    But regarding some of those suggestions (like, tool to edit blendshapes), one thing to note: if it is to sacrifice Cascadeur's amazing viewport performance currently, I prefer the way it is now. :-)


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      Ah, also:

      - Pick walk up and down selected joint hierarchies using keyboard up and down arrows, like in maya.

      I looked for it on the 'Hotkeys' page of the online docs, but didn't find it.

      what are the hotkeys for reseting rotations and translations of a controller to its initial/T-pose?
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        The controller for Center of Gravity is another thing I'm liking.


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          Another request:

          Full screen/maximized viewport mode. Maybe using Tab as hotkey...


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            Also, an option to capture the entire UI in the 'Export video'. Example use: to know how were the keyframes and tweening modes in the tracks at a given version of animation.
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