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New Year wishes and plans for 2020!

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  • New Year wishes and plans for 2020!

    Dear all, 2019 was an outstanding year for us in many ways. We launched our first Cascadeur beta-test, received more than 14,000 applications for participation, went to 3 major exhibitions and received a warm welcome from the community of animators around the world.

    We are very pleased that our program was accepted with such enthusiasm and found like-minded people who share our interest in physics-based animations.

    Thanks to your support and feedback, Cascadeur has been continuously improved and refined throughout 2019. We not only released rigging and auto-positioning tools but also fulfilled some of the requests of our users. For example, we added a dark theme, as well as an adapted UE4 mannequin model. And this is only a small part of the work done.

    The best is yet to come! Let us share with you our plans for 2020.

    First of all, we will be moving the program to a new core with improved architecture. With the new core, Cascadeur will work much faster, and we will have the ability to create new functions in the program.

    After the move, we will launch an open beta-test, which will be available to everyone.

    Also, we plan to work more closely on physical tools and tools based on deep learning. Our goal is to create an intelligent assistant that will offer physically correct solutions without requiring any additional effort from the user. These solutions will be created automatically and immediately for the entire animation in the scene, while keeping full user’s control over the result.

    The plans for 2020 also include the development of the standard functions - Graph Editor and tangent editing support. Customizable rigs and macOS support are also in the works. However, all of this will be possible closer to the end of the year.

    Of course, we want to expand the scope of Cascadeur too. So, features such as skinning, blend shapes, and facial rigs are also in our long-term plans.

    We hope that Cascadeur will continue to delight you next year, and you will continue to delight the world with your animations made with its help.

    Happy 2020!

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    Thank You ! Happy Holidays ! Outstanding plans & Congrats ! See you in 2020!


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      wow, you make me excited for 2020!!! Thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to the continued development of your awesome software!!! The facial rigging feature will be awesome I think!!! Happy New Year to everyone!!!
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        I've checked Cascadeur's roadmap some time ago, looks great! A lot of useful features.


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          Thanks for the support guys!


          About us
          Cascadeur is a standalone software for creating physically correct keyframe animations for characters, humanoid and otherwise. Make realistic animations from scratch or improve your mocap, while retaining full control over the results.
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