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NiklasB - First Anim Test + thoughts

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  • NiklasB - First Anim Test + thoughts


    Hey Guys,

    I did this first quick animation and have to say that I'm having a great time working with the tool.
    I didnt use any of the more elaborate systems for this one as I wanted to get a solid understanding of the basic mechanics first.
    So far, everything works out pretty well, I found it super-easy to get poses and timing done. The controls and body parts are super-intuitive and fun to use once you get the hang of it.

    The way interpolation is controlled in cascadeur is definitly interesting. I found myself using mostly bezier for almost all scenarios with the occasional use of linear interpolation for the feet.
    One thing that could use a little more explaning in my humble opinion is the IK/FK switch and how to properly use it. I got some really weird rotation results when using both on one limb and therefore stuck to IK for most of the time. I'll test around a little to figure out how those settings work exactly, as I had trouble copying finger poses I had keyed on FK, just to name an example.

    So far, I'm having a lot of fun. Thanks for letting me participate!

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    Hey again,

    thanks so much!

    I documented some of the strange FK behavior I wrote about earlier. I'm posting this here because I'm not sure if it really is some kind of technical problem or ( much more probable ) it's me doing something wrong.

    Maybe to quickly elaborate:

    I can't get real forward kinematics to work for me consistently, at least in the arm regions. For this setup I added the shoulder control boxes to the arm layer so I don't have to key the body layer everytime I change the arm-position. In the animation I'm working on, the character is flying through the air doing a flip at some point, which is why I want to use FK on the arms ( and legs, later).

    It is my understanding that if the Interval between two keys is set to FK, the part of the hierarchy I've selected should not display any behavior except the one I apply during simple rotation.
    However, when manipulating the arm (as shown in the video) the rest of the body gets influences from the manipulated limb in FK. I guess this is the case because while the interpolation happens in FK the control rig still works like an IK rig to a degree so users don't have to change their posing methods depending on the kinematics. So I get why the rest of the body is moving while I rotate an FK limb.
    What I don't understand is, why the shoulder is snapping into different rotations after I've explictely set a keyframe to stop it from doing so. I'm probably just missing something here but I'd really appreciate a push into the right direction.

    Thank you guys!

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