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  • joshpurple - Learning, testing, first starts with Cascadeur :)


    An exceptional rigging & animation setup! The rigging setup is GREAT, HUGE props to those who made this! The UI is simple, straight-forward, & wonderfully direct in working pose-to-pose.
    I attempted some very basic/simple jumps, trying to use as few keyframes as possible & get the fastest results possible.
    LOTS of room for improvement, no doubt . All feedback is welcomed!

    I did this before I learned about Ballistic Ghosts/Snapping to them, & other very cool physics options.
    I was just thrilled to use the Ballistic Trajectory, -and attempting to do a flip with it .

    (The landing post was comped in with AE)

    The first thing I did, just playing with a jump & the Ballistic Trajectory

    And the last thing I just did, a W.I.P., where the character is landing a kick-attack (the wall is place-holder).

    Apologies for any questions lacking experience/obvious answers, etc.
    Again, TONS of room for improvement, all feedback welcomed, and Thank You all so MUCH !

    Is there a way to add a cube/box to the 'standard_model.casc' file? Or is it best to use 'backflip_animation.casc' for the props/boxes?

    Is it possible to work with 2 characters in a scene?

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    Originally posted by wrayayrton View Post
    I too would like to work with 2 chars in a scene or be able to add some obstacles to parkour on
    Originally posted by Granada View Post
    Very cool, I sent an email asking if we could have a scene with some props in, steps, ramp etc


    Thank You guys ! I appreciate the kind words, & I'm a BIG fan of your works!!
    Happy Friday !


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      Happy Sunday ! Some silly fun with a 'Kick-Shuffle' dance step;

      A fast draft, -using a short looped selected from the timeline, without any physics applied yet (a starting point, etc.)
      Here's the file;
      Please feel free to play with it, rip it apart, etc.
      I'm hoping to do a number of variations with it.

      And an extra silly bit of fun, a belated, Happy Puppy Day ;

      All the best!

      Edit / p.s. ; if it helps, on the YouTube player you can enable loop (play/pause button > right click > loop)

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        Happy Friday !
        The first draft at a new animation (room for LOTS of improvement ).

        And Thank You Dave !

        All feedback welcomed, & Thanks again to all


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          Draft/start on a swinging animation;

          Feedback welcomed


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            Making some attempts with a spin kick animation (with LOTS of room for improvement ).
            And a HUGE THANK YOU to @wrayayrton / @wraybies for his help in understanding the Fulcrum points ! (attempting that next)

            First draft attempt at a spin kick;

            Second draft attempt;


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              Originally posted by preecher View Post
              Thank You preecher !


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                Originally posted by preecher View Post
                your more than welcome. i'm seeing lots of post from you and request. I had a lot of questions I asked that never got answered. any feedback on your request? any feedback from the developers or their helpers???

                I wonder why they're ok with vids on youtube but they have made it where I can't link my animations from giphy? oh well!

                your artstation page is awesome! i'm very impressed. so how you like the new zbrush. I kinda put it on back burner for this. I really like the npr although every program I have has it. but it just looks so cool on Z. I really hope in my lifetime they will add animation like this. it seems it would be pretty simple with zspheres...I was really looking forward to uvpeel being added but I guess it got delayed or canceled???
                Hi Preecher, & Thank You ! Pardon my late reply, I hope all is going well. Granada and wrayayrton have been AWESOME! They've been super helpful in answering questions / explaining the fulcrum point / tons more , -and I've been trying to find/read as much as possible on tuts/vids, the Discord channel, etc. for learning. I have not heard back from Devs directly (my apologies if I've missed anything ! ). I'm guessing part of the Beta testing is to see how things go with a 'bare-bones' type of start? (and I'm sure everyone is crazy busy ).

                Have you tried Imgur for the gifs? <--hope that might help with the gifs (I think I had the best luck with the Advanced Editor button > image button > pop-up box, image properties > fill in URL (used Imgur link, just the gif)> should appear in thread/post;

                From the list of Imgur links to the gif, I selected, "Original GIF Link" (so in the link it is showing the 'gif' format).

                I appreciate the kind words on my Art Station page, Thank You ! Glad to Follow your Art Station page if you have one! I LUV the new ZBrush! WISH I had more time to work with it !
                I've done a Darth Maul with it;

                and a skeleton demon / devil dude (trying to go for a D&D type of pencil Lich art ;

                I agree, it would be great to see uvpeel. I've been beta testing on RizomUV, it's been excellent; !


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                  Some Friday fun , my first attempt using the Fulcrum point . BIG Thank You to @wrayayrton for the help!

                  My first attempt was a fail, although I really enjoyed it, so I went with a fumble for this animation ;

                  (I was also attempting a 'creep' / walk animation)

                  Happy Friday!


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                    On the Discord channel, I think it was @wrayayrton (Thank You ! ), that shared the resource/link, (great resource !) .
                    Using that, & selecting the 540 reference vid;

                    My attempt, -that has TONS of room for improvement ;

                    Any & all feedback is welcomed, glad to share the file, & all the best!

                    Last edited by joshpurple; 8 April 2019, 12:32 AM.


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                      Back Flip attempt . Based on the Back Flip from;

                      Feeback always welcomed, & Thanks again


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                        An attempt at combining a backflip and a back layout. I should have given the start more time, still not quite there, LOTS of room for improvement, addicting to do


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                          Originally posted by sketchy_b View Post
                          Hey man, thanks for giving me the link to the fulcrum stuff. Really liking your work. Your anims are improving with every new one you do! and I really like the z-brush stuff you posted. All looks really cool. I've used z brush many years ago and thought it was great. I just can't justify the price tag on the newer versions of it. Although I may look into it again soon. Keep up the good work!
                          Thank You sketchy_b ! I sincerely appreciate it !


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                            Originally posted by preecher View Post
                            hey joshpurple.

                            are you using a Wacom tablet/pen? I was but it's not working with the new version. the mouse working but my pen is no response. i'm trying to figure out if it's just my hardware!!! thanks...
                            Hi Preecher ! Pardon, sorry about my late reply! Yes! I use a large Wacom Cintiq. Currently my Cintiq is working, -but, many times it will stop working for me. Almost always it is connected to the driver for it. I'll go to the Wacom site, download the latest driver, install it, restart, -typically gets it going again . Good luck! Hope you've got it working!


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                              preecher commented
                              Today, 10:51 PM
                              the one i'm using is an intuos 4 which is kinda old. it worked fine on first version but new version will not work so i'm framining in version one and will render do whatever in the latest version. thanks for your answer!!! your work is going great with this!!!
                              Thanks preecher ! Are you on Windows 10 or Windows 7? (I've seen a number of these driver-like issues popping up with Windows 7, on Windows 10 things seem to be working).


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